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I bought a Lexamark all in one. This worked great, that is until the 1st time I had to change the cartridge.

Once I put in a new cartridge, closed the lid, from that point on, all it says is "cover open". If this isnt a crock!

I dont care how "cheap" this was $75.00 to $100.00, I had to work for this money and when I buy something I expect it to last more than 1 ink replacement! Lexmark,,,you should be held responsible for the items you are selling, you know this Lexmark x3470 is defective, why are not replacing these defective printers and making good to your customers,,,,a customer of Lexmark I am not from this point on, and will tell everyone I know!

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I put in a brand new Lexmark 34 (extended life) cartridge ($30+). It worked a few times then the error message "left cartridge incorrect" Lexmark 24/7 tech support is actually on line only and is a list of FAQ's.


I cant beleive it but my Lexmark printer doesnt like it when I refilled my cartridge and it deliberately badly prints my documents. It also does all sorts of funny things and keep telling me my warranty is void.

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